Floor Care


To care for you floor and keep it looking great:

  • Do not use hardwood floor cleaner during the first week, dry mop or vacuum only
  • Do not replace carpet or rugs until floor is fully cured (one week)

We recommend 4 products:

  • Poly Care
  • Min-wax polyurethane cleaner
  • Mr. Clean- non ammonia
  • Swiffer for dusting

Maintenance Coating

This is an important part of the long term care of your now floor. When the surface of your finish does begin to show signs of wear, have a fresh layer of finish applied to retain the beauty of your new floor.

To care for your floor and keep it looking great:

  • Use protective felt pads on feet of furniture and any items that come in contact with the floor.
  • Don’t let sand, dirt, or grit build up. they can act like sandpaper and actually abrade and dull your floor finish.
  • Vacuum with brush or sweep floor regularly. General cleaning once every week is recommended.
  • Remove spills promptly. Mop to clean floors.
  • Never wet mop a wood floor. Excessive amounts of water can cause your wood floor to swell and cup.
  • Do not use wax, oil soap, or other industrial or household cleaners on your wood floor. these products can adversely affect the appearance of the finish and make refinishing difficult. I.e. Murphy’s, Pledge.
  • Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic pathways and pivot areas, and the end of steps, near doorways ect. All rugs should allow floors to breathe. Avoid rubber-backed or non- ventilated rugs.
  • Maintain a consistent humidity level between heating seasons in all living areas. excessive swings in humidity levels will cause hardwood floors to swell, shrink, cup, crack, and show excessive gaps between boards. The use of humidifier and/or dehumidifier systems is recommended where inconsistent humidity levels occur.
  • Avoid scratches and gouges, keep high heels in good repair, and keep pets claws trimmed.